A little about me and a lot about running :)

Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping in.

I’m Angela and I LOVE to run. Need I say more? haha

I’m a 38 year old Stay At Home Mama to a very active 3 year old boy. He is my absolute World! He’s happy, handsome, smart and really loves Curious George (who doesn’t?).

I’m married to my best friend Dave who is about to graduate from his Lineman course and I couldn’t be more proud of him! Who knows where we’ll be living by the summer but we’re willing to relocate anywhere to accommodate for his work.

We’re a silly family, we’re fun and laugh often. We love to take long walks with Simon in the stroller, we play lots of games and we play outside every chance we get.

I’ve always been athletic growing up. I ran, cycled, played tennis, badminton, volleyball and I was goalie for the girl’s hockey team. Unfortunately though, I didn’t keep up with my fitness after high school and I truly regret that. I quickly gained a lot of weight and I was very unhappy in my skin. Know what? I did something about it!! I took charge! After doing 6 months of a calorie counting thing (and being hangry all the time), I decided to ditch the calorie counting and start running!

Yep, I starting running and fell absolutely in love with it! It’s pretty safe to say I’m addicted to it. I mean, really, how could I not be?? It’s exhilarating! It’s my ME time! It defines me! It makes me healthy and strong both physically and mentally! I also love how my 3 year old says he wants to run with me when he’s older (my goodness I love him!).

I’ve run a few fun races in the last year. Police Chase 5K, Epic Canadian 5K, Mud Hero. I also had the privilege to run from PEI to NB on the Confederation Bridge for The Terry Fox Run 13.5K (Terry Fox has always been and still is my hero. I’m sure I’ll write about him soon!) WhenΒ I got home that afternoon I ran an extra 1K so now I can say I’ve ran in 3 provinces in one day! PEI, NB and NS. How cool is that??!!??Β 

I’ve also volunteered at a few races and had so much fun! Great experience and can’t wait to volunteer at more events. I volunteered at a water station for the Legs For Literacy event in Moncton, NB and as route volunteer directing running at the Amherst Valentine Run in Amherst, NS.

Back in January I signed up for my very first Half Marathon! My heart was racing as I filled out the online form. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. Eeeek! I’ll be running 21.1k at The Cape Breton Fiddler’s Run. I cannot wait. My training starts very soon.

I’m from a very small Canadian fishing village in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia called Cheticamp. I’m fortunate to have grown up surrounded by family in such a beautiful part of the World.

So why did I chose the name Runner Waves? Simple! I’m always waving and smiling at everyone when I’m out running πŸ™‚ Yep, I’m crazy like that hahaha.

This was supposed to be a small write-up. Oops.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy reading about my future adventures!!

Keep smiling,


P.S. I love dark roast coffee and chips…. Probably too much…..
















20 thoughts on “A little about me and a lot about running :)

  1. Sandy

    Loved reading this! So happy you are so happy!!!! Keep us posted about your progress….you should be so proud of what you have accomplished! XO


  2. moraleem

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for sharing your story, so far. I’m looking forward to following your running blogs. I really need to get my first page drafted – I’ve rehearsed it over and over in my head. A bit scared really?


    1. Hi!!

      Thanks so much!! Looking forward to yours too!!
      It took me a while and courage to post my first one as well. But once I did I was happy and now I’m loving having a blog!
      My biggest struggle was figuring out the technical parts of seeing it up (still learning!)

      Liked by 1 person

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