Getting back on track

I’ll admit,  I kinda haven’t been running as often as I should have/liked for the passed few months. I know I had to take time off for my shin splints but for some reason I let my running slide 😦  Looking back, here’s a few reasons..

A- Needed to rest due to shin splints

B- Husband has been away on his work term during the week and without a babysitter, I couldn’t get out for runs

C- The Fort MacMurray fires played a massive number on my anxiety. Worrying about my friends was intense and exhausting. Not to mention how exhausting it was to be the sole parent all week


So what did I end up doing? Feeling bad for myself and eating way too much (especially chips) and I’ve gained weight.

I went for a few runs while visiting my in-laws and boy did I notice the difference in my stamina. It has gone downhill!!


Well, time for me to get myself back together and get back atter! Even though Simon had me up at 5:30am again this morning for the milllionth time this week, I will go for a run when Dave puts him to bed this evening (we take turns putting him to bed).

I’ve been planking every day again as well..


Wish me luck!


Run For Women 10K recap

Hi there!

Thanks to Brooks Running’s Facebook contest, I won a race registration for myself and a friend to the Race For Women Run in Moncton, NB! Woot Woot! I brought my friend Linda who is a fellow Amherst Strider!

After spending toooooo much time trying to decide what to wear, I set off to pick up Linda and head to Moncton (an hour away). Linda lives 20 minutes away so I had Eminem blasting on repeat to get pumped!

At one point I looked in the rearview mirror to see a bear crossing the road behind me! Eeek! That could’ve been interesting…

With Linda in the car we excitedly made our way to Moncton. Beautiful clear blue skies and no wind! Even the windmills weren’t moving!


Got to our destination, parked the car and walked to the start line for our race kits. I was #5177 Awesome swag bag that I didn’t get a picture of.. Lots of stuff – razors, toothpaste, mascara, treats, etc..


Of course I had to pee. Flowers in the porta potties! How cool is that?!?


Wrote our names on a huge board



Linda found her white feather on our way back to the car 😄


We were very early so we walked back to the car to have a snack and assembled ourselves.. Ok, we were ready


I couldn’t find my keys! Oh no! Of course, they were in my water belt around my waist haha!

Locked the car, started walking back only to realize the windows were down, geeze, that’s so me hahaha A little nervous and excited maybe??

Excitement and a sea of purple was in the air!


Got our pictures taken at the Brooks booth for a chance to win a Moving Comfort sports bra! Woohoo! My favorite kind


Now the AWESOME part!!! Got to meet 2 awesome Twitter friends!! Diane and Michelle!!!! How friggin awesome is that??!!???




Ran into Chantelle White-Evans


And Stacey Juckett Chesnutt


There were some very powerful and emotional speeches. Run For Women supports women’s mental health. The Moncton run raised $23,170.00 for Beauséjour Family Resource Crisis Centre! WOW!!

We made our way to the start line. So much purple! Shirts, hats, tutus! Linda is a quiet person so I was quite surprised when she yelled “YOU’RE AWESOME ANGELA!” Bahahaha. Frig, no turning back now! What have I gotten myself into?!?

Within a KM we headed onto a beautiful trail in the woods! Oh my goodness! My first time trail running!!! I instantly fell in love with it! There were squirrels, woodpeckers, all kinds of birds! I’m sure they were all wondering what the heck is going on?!?


There were volunteers and encouraging signs everywhere. One even did this!


A much needed water station at KM 3.. Chug chug chug!

Saw awesome Joanie at about KM 4.5


About a minute after this, things started going downhill FAST. Out of the blue I felt majorly lightheaded and hungry, no warning! I’ve never had this happen! I guess I didn’t eat enough pre-run and of course I forgot my gels – ugh!

Made it up a hill to the 5K water station where I almost passed out!! I asked a volunteer who was blowing a bullhorn if there was food. He ran to his backpack and gave me his granola bar! WOW! So awesome of him!!! I thanked him a gazillion times and inhaled it. I’m surprised I didn’t eat the wrapper hahahaha

I drank 55 gallons of water, refilled my bottles and kept going. I regained my strength pretty quick thankfully.

About KM 6 we left the woods and were running on a busy road! What a shock to the system. From peaceful to noisy…


The sun was intense at this point. Felt like 40C…. Unfortunately I ran out of water around KM 7 and there were no more water stations. Uh oh..

Then the loop. The cruel cruel loop at 7.5K. We had to take a short cut through a parking lot and loop back. Only added about .75K but that was hard on the head!! Don’t make me go back!!

The final few KMs.. Thought this run would never end and that I’d die of running. Why do I do this to myself?? Oh yeah, the endorphins and the Runner’s High after! All worth it! Keep going!

I dedicated the last 2Kms to Paul aka Nacho Ricardo (Twitter friend in Toronto) who hasn’t run in months due to an injury. That was the push I needed to finish! Stop complaining and just go! At least I can run!!


The last KM!!! Woohoo!! I’m almost there! I’m gonna finish this!!! YESSSSSS!


I didn’t allow myself walking breaks until the end. I mean, there’s cameras!! It was a loooong finish line that never ended! Yep, you can see the finish line a gazillion KMs away…


I DID IT!!!!!

Got my finisher’s bracelet (I honestly would have preferred a medal but it’s a nice bracelet.. I don’t really wear jewelry is all). Then headed back to run Linda in!! Awesome experience!!!


We stretched, drank lots of water, ate protein bars and headed home with my Champion CSX compression socks on. Love them for recovery!! It was entertaining watching Linda put them on Bahaha


I’m happy to report my shins held up beautifully!! No pain!!! It helped I ran at a slower pace than usual. I did however re-injur my big toenail. She’s gonna fall off again after being almost fully grown back in.. I won’t post a picture 😉

Dave had asked I be home by 5 as he needed to head to Antigonish for his work term. I was early. Walked in the door at 4:59 BOOM!

Dave had supper ready for me! I’m so lucky to have an awesome husband!!! Thanks my love!!!

Well that’s it. Long read I know… I just had such an awesome experience I wanted to share it all with you!!!

Thanks for reading 🙂