Buff Headband Review

I’m writing this review to let you know my thoughts on the Shappa Multi Headband Buff. It’s part of their sports headwear collection. You can find it here https://buyabuff.com/SHAPPA-MULTI-HEADBAND


Things that caught my eye out of the box was:

-It offers 95% UV protection

-It’s completely seamless

-The fabric is really soft

-I also really like the colour, however, as you can see, it’s not a flattering colour for me…


Took me no time to put it on. No need to use pins to keep it in place either.

I did however, find it a little too wide for my liking..

I LOVED the little elastic along the edge which kept it in place! Here is a picture of me after my run and as you can see it’s in the EXACT same spot! I was impressed! 


During my run my head did stay much cooler than when I wear my visor.

It kept my hair and sweat out of my face and eyes! 100%

So if you’re in the market for an awesome headband for running, I strongly recommend you look at Buff’s headband line, you won’t be disappointed.. At a price of $19 Canadian, it is definitely worth the money! I’ll be ordering the Flash Logo one as it looks to be not as wide and the colour is more moi 🙂

Happy running!



Long time no blog


I’m still here! Just been MIA for a while.Lots going on with life. All good things though!

May 21 I ran the Bluenose 5K in Halifax. WOW! My new favorite must do race every year! The spectators were AMAZING! The expo was AMAZING! really well organized as well. I was able to partake thanks to a bursary from Mic Mac Mall!! How awesome is that!


I ran with my friend Kim and new friend Tom! They both are faster runner than I am but they stayed with me the whole time. They helped me get to the finish line faster than I would have by myself in the heat! Thank you!!!


I also got to see a friend I hasn’t seen in ages! Meredith! An original member of the turtle squad!


Got to meet a few Runatcan peeps! Angela, Anna, Nancy and Andrew!




Hubby was away for his work term so I didn’t get to run as often as I wanted due to being a stay at home mom and no one and no funds to hire to babysit.

Dave is all done school now and I’m looking forward to getting back into a running routine (as long as he gets a job locally that is). We will move to Antigonish if that happens and I’ll pass the babysitting job to my Mother in Law for my runs 🙂

Last night, after rocking my 3 year old to sleep for the first time in 2 years, I headed out for an awesome run!!!!!!!!!!! It was my second fastest outside run EVER! I’m not even sore today!! Woohoo!!! I honestly think it’s because I wore my Champion CSX compression socks for recovery after my run 🙂 I even got to see Mama raccoon on the roof of the abandoned house a few doors up. She has a hole in the roof that she accesses the house from.


I also got a message from some random guy who said my picture on the Epic Canadian race site was epic so he gave me a coffee for the race July 1 that he win 2 weeks ago! Woohoo!! I love the Epic race! I opted for the 10K! Hope to see lots of RunAtCan friends there!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Can’t believe it’s the end of May already!

Please please please, we could use your positive vibes for Dave to find work 🙂