Buff Headband Review

I’m writing this review to let you know my thoughts on the Shappa Multi Headband Buff. It’s part of their sports headwear collection. You can find it here https://buyabuff.com/SHAPPA-MULTI-HEADBAND


Things that caught my eye out of the box was:

-It offers 95% UV protection

-It’s completely seamless

-The fabric is really soft

-I also really like the colour, however, as you can see, it’s not a flattering colour for me…


Took me no time to put it on. No need to use pins to keep it in place either.

I did however, find it a little too wide for my liking..

I LOVED the little elastic along the edge which kept it in place! Here is a picture of me after my run and as you can see it’s in the EXACT same spot! I was impressed! 


During my run my head did stay much cooler than when I wear my visor.

It kept my hair and sweat out of my face and eyes! 100%

So if you’re in the market for an awesome headband for running, I strongly recommend you look at Buff’s headband line, you won’t be disappointed.. At a price of $19 Canadian, it is definitely worth the money! I’ll be ordering the Flash Logo one as it looks to be not as wide and the colour is more moi 🙂

Happy running!