Getting back on track

I’ll admit,  I kinda haven’t been running as often as I should have/liked for the passed few months. I know I had to take time off for my shin splints but for some reason I let my running slide 😦  Looking back, here’s a few reasons..

A- Needed to rest due to shin splints

B- Husband has been away on his work term during the week and without a babysitter, I couldn’t get out for runs

C- The Fort MacMurray fires played a massive number on my anxiety. Worrying about my friends was intense and exhausting. Not to mention how exhausting it was to be the sole parent all week


So what did I end up doing? Feeling bad for myself and eating way too much (especially chips) and I’ve gained weight.

I went for a few runs while visiting my in-laws and boy did I notice the difference in my stamina. It has gone downhill!!


Well, time for me to get myself back together and get back atter! Even though Simon had me up at 5:30am again this morning for the milllionth time this week, I will go for a run when Dave puts him to bed this evening (we take turns putting him to bed).

I’ve been planking every day again as well..


Wish me luck!


Running Withdrawals Day 5

Here I am, day 5 without having gone for a run. Yep. The crankiness is setting in… Badly… Is it running withdrawals because my running is a way to settle my anxiety? Absolutely! No running = anxiety symptoms creep up.. Every time…

My running withdrawals are usually like clockwork. This time around being no exception..

On a positive note, my shins no longer hurt to touch which is fantastic! Woohoo! I also went for a walk Yesterday without any pain!

It’s supposed to warm up later so I’ll test how they feel today with a longer stroller walk.  

I’ve been a good girl and keeping up with my 30 day challenge (free one through Kinetic Revolution). I’ve also been stretching and doing shin splint exercises.

I’m itching to go for a run but don’t worry, I’ll wait a few more days..

Plus, hubby is away on his work term so I couldn’t even go if I wanted to! See, we have a 3 yr old (I’m a Stay At Home Mama) and we live in a town that we don’t really know anyone so I can’t just be like “hey so and so, can you watch Simon for an hour?”…

I guess my thoughts are all over the place today.. Another running withdrawal symptoms 😬

Watching Canada AM and they’re interviewing a farmer who is looking for goat cuddling volunteers. Man, that is something I could do!

Over and out for now!
Have a nice day!!

A beautiful picture of my hometown Chéticamp, NS

Shin splints

I’ve been having recurring shin splints since February. I’ve taken time off but apparently I start running again before they’re 100% healed.

After yesterday’s very painful run, I slapped myself and told myself to smarten up and heal them properly!

It’s going to be tough, I’m going to be cranky but I’ve got to stop running until they’re healed. (I’m cringing at the thought of not running!!)

Step 1:

Wear my Champion CSX compression socks to promote circulation and speed up the healing process.


Step 2:

Ibuprofen! Nuff said for that.


Step 3:

I’m planning on doing lots of stretches and exercises. Kinetic Revolution has a video about shin splints I find useful or find it on YouTube.

So does Denny Krahe on YouTube.

Step 4:

Start going crazy and pulling my hair out due to running withdrawal.


Step 5:

After taking the appropriate time off to heal I’ll be running again!! Woohoo!!!!!!

In the meantime I’ll spend all my time with my cute little guy while hubby is away on his work term (we’ll miss you Dave!)


Figuring this out!


After over a week of being so very flustered trying to figure out how to set up my blog page I’m starting to figure it out! Something clicked inside my head and things started to come together how I want it to look like! YAYE!!!

I admit, I really should have read up on how to set up a blog site BEFORE I started fooling around with stuff I had no idea what what was for. I finally used some common sense and started reading here : I mean, I had no idea how many different terms that seem so obvious would not be. For example a page vs a post. Huh? And a widget. What the heck is a widget? haha

Anywho, I’m slowly getting the hang of this and it makes me super happy on this nice sunny day 🙂

Have a great day!